Smart Valve For Fluid Control


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Quality Valves For Protection Plumbing System

  • From design, drawing, forging, casting, machine, package design, packing, water pressure testing, QC, QA, Inspection, Loading checking, Logistics, shipping following, To after-sale service, Emergency action is our one station service.

Innovation more products in the latest

  • Safety valve; Floating valve, balance valve, Pressure Valve, Gas Valve and Tap, HVAC parts.
  • It’s able to make a recommendation for your marketing
  • There is a basket solution for your buying and selection
  • Low-level minimum quantity is acceptable
  • It’s able to mix one container with more parts
  • OEM and ODM both are available with Flexible terms
  • All products of Jiaxin are with 12 months warranty
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  • Creative better fluid controlling product, working for a better world!
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  • Ball valve, Filter,Check valve,Tap,Bibcock,Manifold,Pipe fitting,Flow valve
  • Thermostatic valve, mixing valve, safety valve, motorized valve, Strainer
  • Isolating valve,Radiator,Outlet connection,Inlet connection

Latest Brass Valves

  • Jiaxin Metals offer a valve with quick and easy installation with a simple understanding. It’s simply connecting the thread of nut onto the valve, push the valve onto the pipe then the compressing nut and o-ring would tighten while the internal barb and double o-ring seal produce a leak-free connection, It’s no glues, no solvents of all parts.

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How can save you money?

  • Environmental materials of the valve are with one year warranty!
  • Decrease set-up time by saving up to 31% of the staging costs!
  • Improve labor cost and efficiency by saving up to 25% by improving labor sequencing!
  • The free sample you can get it sooner; OEM your brand is available; Free artwork design!
  • Reduce your storage and increase much more cash flowing with low MOQ requested.!
  • One-stop solution from our factory to your warehouse; from design to logistic are available!

How do I get our valve and service?

  • Once your E-mail or Calling is reached our system; Our team will contact you with your price within 24 hours.
  • These valve groups are bespoke units and vary according to the system requirements and their location.

There are two categories of manifolds 

  • One is a whole brass manifold
  • The other one is made from stainless steel pipe

The function of a manifold is to distribute the correct flow to each loop to meet its specific heating load. This is achieved by balancing each loop to meet the design flow requirement. A bespoke manifold can be achieved by adding actuators for the different loops controlled by thermostats. Each room would then be a zone, allowing the thermostat to open and close the valve to the room as required. For simpler one zone systems, it is possible to just control a zone valve or the pump. Separating rooms with different loads or that are seldom occupied, allow you to keep those areas at a lower setting, saving energy without sacrificing comfort elsewhere. Heavily used spaces, such as bathrooms and kitchens, can be kept warmer than the rest of the house for the “barefoot comfort” homeowners often expect from a radiant system. The number of manifolds and their location will depend on the size of the structure. Most manifolds are installed in the mechanical room. Sometimes, the distance from the mechanical room to the farthest room served will exceed the allowed maximum loop length. In those cases, a manifold will have to be located closer to the served room. It is good practice when designing a system to identify potential trouble spots early and to find manifold locations that meet the system’s needs. Look for clusters of rooms with similar, exposure, use-patterns, floor construction, etc. that may have a common location to feed the loops from, such as a closet or similar. Find planned locations for the manifold(s). Take spot check measurements to verify that the location and distance to all rooms served by the manifold areas planned.

  • Heating manifolds are used to distribute heat-transfer fluid inside a system.
  • They can be used in traditional radiator systems and innovative under-floor radiant systems.
  • Stainless steel manifolds are particularly suitable for heating systems: they avoid any unnecessary waste and ensures an elevated level of thermal comfort for homes

Brass safety Relief Valves

Selection from a wide range of pressure relief valves that can release pressurized fluid through a helper exhaust pathway. The relief valves are designed to open at a specific pressure to help protect water pumps, water heaters, or other needed equipment from exceeding pressure limits.

What’s a Pre-filter strainer?

The Pre-filter strainer is of the Household filter and cleaning for Using, Washing and drinking Water Indoor & Outdoor, Filter the impurity and more large dirt, sand, and dust particles before they reach the rest of your plumbing system, including more useful as your special appliances.

ISH is the world’s leading trade fair focusing on the responsible management of water and energy in buildings. It sets trends for modern bathroom design, sustainable heating, and air-conditioning technology as well as intelligent home systems.
About ISH
No other show is as sharply focused on forward-looking subjects such as the conservation of resources and the use of renewable energies. At the same time, ISH is the foremost showcase for sanitary installations, intelligent living, and innovative building solutions.
ISH 2019: the proportion of international visitors climbs to record level
ISH, the world’s leading trade fair for HVAC + Water, once again gave an impressive demonstration of its importance for German and international visitors and exhibitors. Achieving climate targets is only possible by interconnecting systems and trades. With innumerable solutions, the global meeting place generated a plethora of fresh and future-oriented impulses.


More than 500 exhibitors

You will find innovations and trends from our exhibitors who show and launch their new products in the framework of the event creating a business community that remains active throughout the year.

Business connections

Countless business connections between the influencers, manufacturers, buyers, users, and key players of the Construction Industry generate business for more than 300 million pesos in 5 days.

The brass solenoid valve is working for steam and water!

  • a high-temperature solenoid valve is working for steam, hot oil, hot air, hot water. applications are generally available from most valve manufacturers for pressures from vacuum up to 20Mpa.
  • A high-level temperature valve is generally fitted with PTFE seals and high-temperature class H or class N rated solenoid valve coils. steam solenoid valve will be stocked 1/8 BSP port through to 2″ BSP threaded port with NPT threaded and flanged high-temperature solenoid valves generally being a pre-order item.
  • The Jiaxin steam rated brass solenoid valves, high-pressure brass valves, and DS high-temperature brass solenoid valves are well suited for most high-temperature steam, air, water, and seawater, gas, Oil medium.

How to use a solenoid valve?

  • This magnetic field exerts a force on the plunger.
  • As a solution, the plunger is pulled toward the center of the coil so that the orifice opens.
  • This is used to open and close solenoid valves.
  • A solenoid valve is an electronic actuated valve to control the flow of liquids and gases!