High Pressure Air Release Radiator Manual Automatic Brass Air Vent Valve


  • It is good with a cylinder steel base and is small in size and lightweight.
  • Advanced anti-corrosion technology.
  • The product’s advantage adapts to the wide scope of water quality, high-temperature resistance, high thermal efficiency, and long service life, etc.
  • Widely used in office buildings such as residential, hotel, school, etc.
  • Optimization of brass material, heat resistant to corrosion Cold crack, greatly improve the performance of the valve.
  • The adjustment screw design is reasonable, the switch valve is smooth, durable, all show close is reasonable.
    Size1/8″Working Temperature -10℃-1000℃
    MaterialsBrass body with chrome-platedWorking max pressure0.01-0.5Mpa
    MediumWaterWarranty12 months
    Lead Time45  daysMOQ3000
    DIN EN thread with ISO228/1