Steel Level Handle Threaded Connection,Full Port,Forged Brass 3 Way Ball Valve


  • Size 1/2″-1″
  • Forged brass and nickel-plated surface
  • Normal work pressure;25 bar
  • Max work temperature; -10-110℃
  • Steel level handle.
  • Made from forged brass
  • Sandblasted with nickel-plated finishing
  • 100% of water pressure testing.

Three-way ball valves can

  • Cut off or shut off the flow
  • Switch flow between two different sources
  • Combine the flow from two different sources
  • The alternate flow between two different destinations
  • Divert flow coming from one source to another destination
  • Split flow coming from one source between two outgoing destinations

This post focuses on the basic design differences between L-pattern (L-port) flow and T-pattern (T-port) flow in three-way ball valves. I will also describe some of the ways to handle position in combination with the range of handle rotation are used to control flow through typical three-way ball valve designs.

    Size1/2″-1″MediaWater, Seawater
    Body MaterialsBrassMax work pressure25 bar
    Max work temperature-10℃-110℃Lead Time40 days
    MOQ3000Warranty12 months