1/2″ 3/4″ Good Quality Brass Body Pressure Relief Boiler Gas Brass Safety Valve


  • Pressure safety relief valves are typically used for controlling pressure on boilers in heating systems, on stored hot water cylinders in domestic hot water systems, and in water systems generally.
  • when the calibrated pressure is reached, the valve opens and, by means of discharge to the atmosphere, prevents the pressure of the system from reaching levels which would be dangerous for the boiler and the components in the system itself.
  • working principle:
    SV pressure relief valve is mainly used for heating, air conditioning, heat storage hot water systems, irrigation systems, control of cold and heat sources and system pressure;
    When the system pressure exceeds the set value of the safety valve, the safety valve opens automatically to release the system pressure to the atmosphere;
    When the pressure is lower than the safe value, it is automatically closed so that the system with the safety valve installed can be operated safely.
  •  installation instructions:
    (1) The safety valve can be installed horizontally or vertically, but it cannot be installed upside down (ie the plastic knob cannot be in the lower part);
    (2) The pressure relief port should be connected to the drainage pipe for drainage, and the red knob can be used to relieve the pressure manually.
    MaterialsBrassPressure Range1-10 bar
    MediumWater, AirSpringStainless Steel
    Lead Time45  daysMOQ1000