AC24V 110V 220V Female Water Solenoid Wlectric Brass Ball Valve For HVAC


Technical Parameters:

  • Valve size: DN15, DN20, DN25
  • Connection: threaded connection
  • Valve structure: two-way, three-way
  • Media: hot/cold water
  • Pressure: PN20
  • Close differential pressure: 0.18 ~ 0.22Mpa
  • Power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10%, 50 / 60HZ
  • Consumable power: <6.5W
  • Run mode: On or Off

♠ General:
Model is a series of motorized valves with screw connection, the valve and actuator can be separated in two units. When a thermostat sends the control signal to the motorized valve, it is opened with water flowing. The signal disappears, the valve will be completely closed by its own spring.

♠ Features:
– All valves conform with the European pressure
– All actuators conform to the protection
– Forging brass body
– Efficient power consumption and less noise

♠ Function:

Used to control the flow of hot water, frozen water in heating, cooling, or air-conditioning applications, so as to control room temperature indirectly.

♠ The Valve is closed, configurations of the valve body are closed off; the thermostat (NTC) transfers a signal to the actuator that will connect to power, and then open the valve, input hot water or frozen water to fan coil unit; if the room temperature reaches to set-point, thermostat transfers a signal to the actuator to cut off the power, and spring switch returns, the valve is closed, and the hot or frozen water blocks to fan coil unit. Therefore, the room temperature could be controlled in the set-point through valve opened or closed.

    Port Size1/2″,3/4″,1″MediumWater
    MaterialsBrassFluid temperature2℃-94℃
    PressurePN 20Lead Time45  days
    ConnectionThreadTravel time11~15 seconds
    MOQ300Warranty12 months