Underfloor Heating Manifold Clamp on Flow Meter Regulating Flow 1/2″ 59g


  • Max. Admissible static pressure: 1. 0MPa
  • Range: 5-0.5 L/min
  • G 1/2″
  • Nipple: Brass
  • Media: Water

Product Application

Installed on the manifold for heating system, to control the flow rate for different rooms. The regulation of the flow meter helps to balance of flow rate to different rooms.

  • By rotating the black stem, the opening cross-section of the valve will be changed, which adjust the flow passing through
  • By complete rotation the flow will be cut off;
  • The extrusion principle of impact plate, impact plate with back spring will be lead to copper pipe
  • Through a push lever chich tightly connects the impact plate and display project, the specific location will be displayed in the scale of the transparent part.
    Connection Thread3/8″-1/2″Working Pressure1-6 Bar
    MaterialsBrass with EPDM sealingOperating temperature -10-70℃
    Working MediumWaterMOQ3000
    Lead Time45  daysWarranty12 month