Brass Chromed Water Distribution Floor Heating Manifold For Radiant Heating System, Stainless Steel Ground Heating Water Segregator


  • High Quality produced product manufactured to standard.
  • Pre-assembled and “ready for installation” with all necessary components inbuilt.
  • Available in various sizes for any design type or specification.
  • Main body produced from high grade 304 stainless steel.
  • Patented pipe connections for various pipe types and sizes.
  • No scheduled maintenance.

The function of a manifold is to distribute the correct flow to each loop to meet its specific heating load. This is achieved by balancing each loop to meet the design flow requirement. Customized zoning can be achieved by adding actuators for the different loops controlled by thermostats. Each room would then be a zone, allowing the thermostat to open and close the valve to the room as required. For simpler one zone systems, it is possible to just control a zone valve or the pump. Zoning rooms with different loads or that are seldom occupied, allow you to keep those areas at a lower setting, saving energy without sacrificing comfort elsewhere.

    Type2 loop-12 loopMediaWater,Sea Water
    Body MaterialsStainless SteelMax Working pressure16 bar
    Temperature-10℃-110℃Connection ThreadISO228/1
    Connection thread3/4″Lead Time40 days
    MOQ100Warranty24 months