Good Quality H58-3 Brass Closet Spud, Pipe Fitting For Bathtub Waste


  • Product Name: Brass closet spud, Brass pipe fitting, Brass thread elbow
  • Item Size :1 1/2″ X 27 UNS , 1 5/8″ X 16 UN
  • Material : H58-3 Brass
  • Elbow Bend Angle : 90 deg
  • Thread Connection  : Female
  • Head Code : Round
  • Brass construction
  • Use: Bathtub Waste

♠ It’s durable. An alloy of copper and zinc, brass has long been used in both homes and for industrial plumbing because it is resilient and retains its condition for years.

♠ It can withstand high temperatures. If you’re distributing hot water, brass has excellent conductivity and ductility in high temperatures. It is also fire resistant.

♠ If you want versatility, brass offers it. You can get brass fittings in so many shapes and sizes and finishes. This means you can take on any plumbing job and if you need to fit very specific sizes, use brass. Jiaxin sells lots of small brass parts that are ideal for small connecting work.

♠ It resists corrosion. Brass is one of the metals that are highly resistant to corrosion and it just won’t rust.


    Size1 1/2″X27UNS,1 5/8″X16UNMediumWater, Gas
    MaterialsH58-3 BrassLead Time45  days
    MOQ2000Warranty12 months