4″ Brass Deep Seal Closet Flange / Brass Toilet Fitting / Brass Plumbing Fitting


The closet flange also known as toilet flange has the purpose of keeping your toilet fixed to the floor but also serves as a connection between the toilet and the drain pipe. When a toilet leaks from the base it is likely that there is something wrong with the closet flange and it will need to be replaced. This 4-inch closet flange gets the job done! Built with brass for increased durability. With 3-countersunk holes and 3-closet bolt slots for secure attachment to the floor.

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 4 in
  • Compatibility: 3-countersunk holes and 3-closet bolt slots
  • Leaded connection
  • For standard connection
  • Brass construction
  • Material: Brass


    Size4″MediumWater, Gas
    MaterialsBrassLead Time45  days
    MOQ2000Warranty12 months