All Downspout Nozzle Are With Flange,Nickle Bronze Coating Decoration Fitting


  • Size : 2″-12″
  • Material: Nickel Bronze
  • PVC slip-on Inlet
  • All Nickel Bronze Body
  • All Polished Bronze Body
  • All Plain Bronze Body
  • Sizes: 2, 3 or 4″ in small size, 5, 6″ in medium size, 8, 10 or 12″ in large size

Bronze has a rough, porous exterior with small cavities on the surface. This is due to the casting process. However, bronze alloys with select additives can hold a polish and are not as abrasive. Bronze has many benefits, including high ductility (resists cracking), corrosion resistance, and low cost. There are tons of uses for bronze valves, including safety relief, flow direction control, shutting off flow, and more! Lead-free bronze valves for potable water are available, but they must meet or exceed Clean Water Act lead restrictions.

    MaterialsNickle BronzeLead Time45  days
    MOQ500Warranty24 months