Straight Type Nickle Plated Brass Radiator Thermostatic Mixing Valve


  • Size 1/2″,3/4″
  • Full brass with nickel-plated
  • Made from forged brass
  • Field of Application: Water
  • Temperature range:6-28 °C
  • Setting number 0 to 5
  • Working Pressure : -20℃ – 110 ℃
  • Connection End: Female Thread
  • Function: Kitchen, Home, Commercial, Garden, and General

The TRV valve includes some wax or liquid that can ‘sense’ the temperature in the room; when your desired temperature has been reached the TRV will shut off the flow of hot water and stop the radiator from getting any hotter. This means that the radiators can manage themselves for most of the time and you won’t be spending unnecessary money on heating you don’t need.

Maintaining a stable room temperature is both comforting and energy-efficient. Fitting a Thermostatic Valve to a radiator allows variable temperature options and the flexibility to control the performance of the radiator.

Building Regulations Part L1 recommend radiator thermostats are fitted to all radiators (except rooms with a room thermostat) to satisfy either Minimum or Best Practice installations. The valve can be mounted vertically or horizontally at either end of a radiator. To work correctly, the valve must be installed to a two-pipe heating system with a free flow (not draughts) of air around the sensor head to ensure optimum performance. An automatic differential bypass valve must be fitted as part of a TRV installation.

    MaterialsBrass with nickel-platedMax Working temperature110℃
    Heating controlling6℃-28℃Lead Time45  days
    MOQ3000Warranty12 months