Hot Seller Thermostatic Radiator Valve with Straight Valve for Heating Radiator


  • Thermostatic Valve
  • Size 1/2″,3/4″,1″
  • Full brass with nickel-plated
  • Made from forged brass
  • Heating controlling 6℃-28℃
  • Max working pressure;110℃
  • 12 months warranty
  • BSP thread
  • Frost protect
  • DN15/20/25 available
  • OEM branding available
  • Liquid sensor
  • Temperature hysteresis:1.0 k
  • Max admissible static pressure:10 bar
  • Max admissible differential pressure:1.0 bar
  • Normal pressure:16 bar

Maintaining a stable room temperature is both comforting and energy-efficient. Fitting a Thermostatic Valve to a radiator allows variable temperature options and the flexibility to control the performance of the radiator.

    MaterialsBrass with nickel-platedMax Working temperature110℃
    ThreadBSPLead Time45  days
    MOQ3000Warranty12 months