TRV thermostatic valve with water temperature controller


Vernet Thermostatic valve

16×1/2-in PEX inlet connection

High standard finishing with salt-spray tested

Here is our new part and top-rated successful in German marketing currently;

The name is the thermostatic valve with water temperature controls;

1/2″ BSP thread connection.

Chrome-plated; ORB, Porcelain color

Postal parcel packing for Germany.

Convenient install and replace;

Top rated in Germany; One more free connectors

High quality based on DIN standard.

Our box is standard German mail-order packing with 1 pc every single box.

For the Straight ones: 16MM*G1/2 H Valve PAP connection, one side is

TRV insert, the other side is lock shielder, packaged with Allen wrench

    MaterialsBrassPressure Max16 bar
    MediumWaterSpringStainless Steel
    Lead Time45  daysMOQ500