What is a Brass Y filter Strainer?

y strainer leakage

Every day lots of dirt and debris mixes in the water of our daily use and other applications, which is harmful. But you can stop these using Y strainers. In this article, you will learn about the functions, workings, cleaning, selection criteria… and more important information of a brass Y Strainer

What is Brass Safety Relief Valves?

Every flowing system that operates under heavy load or pressure needs a safety device. Otherwise, the whole system, including people and property, will be damaged due to overpressure.

What Is Ball Valve

Valve Inspection

The Ball valve is arguably the most used and popular valve in the industry. And there are good enough reasons behind this. People love to use it because of its variety of unique types and benefits. You may see or use them every day in different applications but never recognize them

Which Valve Company Accepts OEM&ODM?

Motorized Ball Valve With Acuator

The OEM and ODM business models are spreading their beauty in the industry day by day. These solutions ensure satisfaction to both the designer and the manufacturer. And if you have any brass valve design or even an idea

How To Pack Valves For Sea Freight?

loading container

Sea freight is the best and most effective way for valve shipping around the world. However, many professional suppliers sometimes make mistakes when packing valves on cargoes. So, in this article, we have come up with how you can efficiently pack valves for sea freight

What’re the Functions Of Solenoid Valve? – All In One Guide

Solenoid Ball Valve

The Solenoid Valve is a modern invention in the valve industry. That is why this article is prepared to introduce it to you. In this post, we will cover the functions of a solenoid valve along with its components, uses, why and where you should use it, etc

What Is a Bibcock?

Brass Tap

Bibcock is a type of tap that is used to control the water flow of a water supply pipe or drain. To clarify, a bibcock is a wall-mounted water tap with a downward bent nozzle… that allows people to turn the water supply on and off. It is commonly used in outdoor areas or gardens, toilets, bathrooms

What is a Thermostatic Valve?

The thermostatic valve is a piece of radiator technology. It’s getting more popular day by day for its accessible functions and benefits. Here in this article, you’re going to know different types of hot selling thermostatic valves