Smart Valve For Fluid Control

In this blog post, you’ll read:JIAXIN Valve from design,drawing, forging, casting,machine,package design, packing , water pressure testing,QC,QA,Inspection,loading checking, logistics, shipping  following to After sale service,Emergency action are our one station service.
Table of Contents


  • Brass Valve systems Design
  • Brass Valve systems fabricated
  • Brass Valve systems Inspection
  • Brass Valve systems logistic and shipping
  • Brass Valve following service after-sales
  • Brass Valve systems Maintenance after

Quality Valves For Protection Plumbing System

  • From design, drawing, forging, casting, machine, package design, packing, water pressure testing, QC, QA, Inspection, Loading checking, Logistics, shipping following, To after-sale service, Emergency action is our one station service.

The innovation of more products in the latest

  • Safety valve; Floating valve, balance valve, Pressure Valve, Gas Valve and Tap, HVAC parts.
  • It’s able to make a recommendation for your marketing
  • There is a basket solution for your buying and selection
  • Low-level minimum quantity is acceptable
  • It’s able to mix one container with more parts
  • OEM and ODM both are available with Flexible terms
  • All products of Jiaxin are with 12 months warranty
  • Jiaxin engineers flying to your side for solving problems with 72 hours by Emergency  Action
  • Creative better fluid controlling product, working for a better world!
  • Welcome  Join  Jiaxin Metals  Family  To Benefits All Of  You!


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