Which Valve Company Accepts OEM&ODM?

In this blog post, you’ll read:The OEM and ODM business models are spreading their beauty in the industry day by day. These solutions ensure satisfaction to both the designer and the manufacturer. And if you have any brass valve design or even an idea
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The OEM and ODM business models are spreading their beauty in the industry day by day. These solutions ensure satisfaction to both the designer and the manufacturer. And if you have any brass valve design or even an idea… but do not have the capabilities to manufacture… then this article is made for you.

OEM or ODM? Which One Is For You?

OEM and ODM are directly related to the manufacturing industry. So, it is important to understand them properly to adopt the appropriate one for you. 

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. To clarify, in the OEM model, the client company will do market research, branding, designing, and finalize a product. After that, they will hire a manufacturing company to produce the product and bring it to the market. 

For example, you have researched and designed a new type of brass valve. But you cannot produce it because you do not have the tools or workforce. So, you licensed out a valve manufacturer for production. Although they will produce the valve, you will retain the ownership. This is what OEM is.

ODM, on the other hand, stands for Original Design Manufacturer. In ODM, the client company will think to customize an existing product for rebranding. They will then contact a manufacturing company… that can modify and reproduce the existing product.

Again, for example, you have got an idea to make some changes to an existing brass valve, giving better results than before. After that, you will contact the valve manufacture to design and make the modified valve for you. 

So, think and identify yourself, which one you are doing. And choose the appropriate model for your business.

Company That Accepts OEM/ODM for Brass Valves

Do not risk ruining your ideas or efforts by working with some unprofessional companies. Whether you have an idea or total a new design, we, Plumberstar, are always here to help you. This is because we accept both OEM and ODM

For your kind information, Plumberstar is a brass valve manufacturer based in China and proudly serving in 46 countries. We can efficiently design, develop, and produce any brass valves for you. Further, you have to share your thoughts with us to take the first step towards success.

Why You Should Choose Us as Your OEM/ODM Partner

Maybe our company is not familiar to you. So, there must be some lack of confidence in choosing us as your OEM or ODM partner, right? Let us make it easy for you. Here is why we should go with Plumberstar:

Water Temperature Control Valve
Water Temperature Control Valve

Skilled Manpower

The main strength of a manufacturing company is its workforce. And we have enough of it. Behind us are 15 highly educated and experienced engineers. They are working to improve the valve industry. Also, our factory has more than 200(put the number of your workers) skilled workers, making the production fast and efficient. Also, our marketing team and expert designers will help you get started with the perfect visualization.

Latest Technology and Tools

In this age, updated technology and equipment are the keys to manufacturing success. This is because aging equipment cannot meet the requirements of modern valves. Our highly advanced technology will add a great touch to your ideas. And professional equipment will produce the valves perfectly for you.

Guaranteed Product Quality

The excellent quality of our valves makes us proud everywhere. Since 2019, the defect rate of our products is only 0.459%. And we specialize in making valves with pure brass. Also, most of the time, we use chrome plating and nickel plate as surface finishing. But if you have any unique requirements with the material and finish, we can do it too.

Product Branding

In OEM/ODM models, some client companies get confused in branding the product. But no worries, we will not ask you to associate our name with the valves. We will work as your manufacturing partner. Even if you want, we can write your company name or logo on the valves. But after the production, if you like our work, you can share our name with others. Therefore, we can assist them with our superior service.

Short Lead Time with Pro Shipping

The combination of our skilled workers and highly advanced equipment makes the production so fast. So, our lead time is only 4 weeks. Also, in case of less work stress, you will get your delivery earlier. In addition, we are China-based, so sea freight is our preferred shipping method. And don’t worry about valve packaging. Your valve will be shipped with the most secure packaging.

Worry Less Warranty and Support

With admirable valve quality, you will also get hassle-free 12-month warranty service on all valves. Also, we will solve your urgent problems within 5 working days. Also, you can contact us anytime from anywhere through our online customer service. In short, you will get full support even after our contract will be completed.

What You Have To Do

Above all, hopefully, you have decided which model is right for you. So, your responsibilities to work with us OEM / ODM are here:

In OEM, first of all, finish your market research and finalize the design. After that, contact us and explain briefly what you are looking for. Then we will be bound by an agreement. Further, you need to provide the designs, manufacturing, other requirements, logo, and branding things. We will start producing the valves for you when everything is good to go.

And in ODM, if you have any idea to modify a valve and you want to do it, contact us when you are completely ready with your idea. After your knock, we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the matter. We will then do the rest of the process to work with you as an ODM.

Water Mix Valve
Water Mix Valve

By OEM or ODM, the clients can bring their ideas to the market, and manufacturers set their tools and workforce to work. This way, they benefit by helping each other. And Plumberstar is always ready to welcome you to work with you.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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